Someone to Watch Over Me


Magyk is an RP (Role-Play) that was started back between two of my friends when they were in the 4th or 5th Grade. Eventually they let others join into the RP, and currently, my friend MandraKara and I are the only ones that still follow along. The story mainly, now and days, follows two mortals (who are based after ourselves, and are creatively names Nik and MK) and their involvement in the troubles of this alter world. The two mortals exist in our world, and the Magyk found them because their home was being destroyed by the dark side... and they needed a place to stay... needless to say, they welcomed them into their now, overgrown homes,


The world that the Magyk live in is called Achaonia, a world divided by light and dark. The Magyk are beings with magical powers, usually within the major four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water); although, there are other elements involved too (Light, Shadow, Phy/Psy, Thunder/Lightning, Forest, Ground, etc etc). Due to the massive amount of elements, the world broke itself into multiple kingdoms, each ruled by an Eternal (a Magyk with over the top abilities), who was followed by an Oracle (they would replace the Eternal in the case that they would fall). Each kingdom followed the one ultimate power, called Cresantia, ruled none other by King Cresan and Queen Myline (each of the following heirs have been named with the same names).

Though, not everyone liked Cresan and his ruling, so the world became divided... mostly between the Dark Magyks and the Light Magyks. And with one simple movement, the world was thrown into a neverending war of superiority. Eventually, the war lead to The Last Stand, which completely destroyed the world and sent the Eternals, and other Magyk, flying into the Mortal world... where now they are slowly rebuilding the world they loved and knew... but that doesn't happen for a while, so don't worry.

~*~Can I join this RP?~*~

Afraid not ^^U The RP is a personal RP, and I'm drawing various stories that occurred before The Last Stand... and I might start up another one that is set years after The Last Stand (which is where MK and I are now lol).