Someone to Watch Over Me

In the midst of creating new pages
July 12th, 2012, 11:17 am
(which are taking me forever to do because I keep messing up; there's a fight scene that requires wild posing to do in just pen, so it's a little difficult), I have been working on a timeline in which these events take place.

I'm not exactly sure how far I am going to bring you into Forseth's story arc, because there are two arcs. The first one is occurring now (the one you're reading), and it lasts over a course of 3.5 years (story time). Then there's an arc after that, and it is supposed to run through the preparation for the big war, The Last Stand, in which a new villain is introduced. The issue I'm having is that one of the characters becomes somewhat non-existant in this arc because of... issues that Forseth has ;).

So yeah. I created a time line to place where events are happening (well, kind of. It was more to see where multiple stories are taking place).


Because there's another story arc that occurs DURING this one (Forseth's arc starts two years prior to this other one, and one year into it), and I needed to figure out ages.

It was a big mess XD

This other story I'm contemplating making into a comic (whether it's sketch or pen or whatever) is the infamous Kree-Orna arc. (You've met Kree in this story, btw. He goes by his real name, Dunisun, who appeared in the first chapter). You haven't met Surry yet, but it explains why he appears in Chapter 5.

So yeah.

This is me thinking aloud.

If you have any comments or questions, come to my tumblr, and I'll be happy to answer!