Someone to Watch Over Me

I am sooo sorry!!
October 28th, 2012, 1:50 pm
I am honestly trying my best to get pages done as fast as I can. Life is getting in the way of a ton of things, and I'm focusing more on my education than I am on comic pages.

I haven't actually worked on STWOM since the summer ended, and it is currently still stuck on chapter 5/6 of being inked.
The next page of Bionicle is in the works, but I haven't opened the file up in over a month due to the amount of homework I've had a night. I've had a new cover in the works as well, but again, that hasn't been touched for a long time now.
ADBtD has been put on official hiatus since I haven't actually drawn anything for it in a while...

I haven't stopped drawing completely, since its a major stress reliever for me. I have doodles and drawings for the 100 Themes that I have been working on since last summer, but nothing more than that. If it boils down to it, I may just reduce the quality of the pages and go back to having everything hand-drawn and not inked. Or anything... just... sketched, because I don't have /time/. I know a lot of artists don't, and they still get pages done on time. I have more than 5 hours of homework a night, including weekends, and lesson plans to write and a ton of other shit to do that pertains to my major. I'm honestly trying to get these pages done, but schooling takes priority.

I thank you all for understanding and sticking with me through this time. I am unsure when these comics are coming back, but I hope you will stay with me until they do come back. I apologize for doing this to you time and time again.

... god, guys. I sound like a bitch D: I'm sorry!!