Someone to Watch Over Me


Date Posted: June 10th, 2012, 8:43 pm

Author Notes

End Chapter 3 So sad that this chapter is over ;_;

However, chapter 4 starts, and... I love the opening. And the artwork is better, imo. orz.

I also cheated on this page because Crissa's smile was annoying me and Forseth's nose looked stupid, so I fixed 'em in photoshop. And their heights. Crissa... easily stands a little more than a foot under Forseth; he's easily 7'6".

Yeah, you think that's tall? Alastron, one of the stars of It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn, when he's older, is over 8 ft tall, probably inching close to 9 ft. That's fucking huge. His arm length would be my height.

Actually, if you want to, I forgot that I made this XD It's a nice reference to see how tall some of my guys are; and I'm tall for a girl. Remind me not to draw when I can't draw.


<3 I love all of your comics ;A;
@YJaden: adsfaafewsfdsafasd; awwww, thanks!!! Can I tell you how much this made my day? <3