Someone to Watch Over Me

~*~*The Dark Alliance Soldiers (Important Characters)*~*~

Name: Forseth Atreyus
Pronunciation: For-seh-th Ah-tray-us
Gender: Male
Race: Pure Blood Demon
Element: Phy (Dark Psychic)
Status: Lord Hellfax's Right Hand Soldier
Eye Color/Hair Color/Skin Tone/Height: Dark Red/Auburn/Tanish/7'4"
Special Features: A Seafoam-light blue bead hangs on the left side of his hair; it is the same color as the patterns on his black outfit. He also has scars on his body, but no one ever sees them because he's almost always covered.
Character Summary: Forseth is the eldest twin of the Atreyus brothers. He comes from a long line of pure blood demons, but is pretty much the baby of his family. He does not like to talk about his immediate family, other than the fact that he and Haseo are twins. Rumor has it that Forseth will eat people that misbehave in the Dark Alliance, and that rumor has yet to be proven true or false. He is known for being irritable and unfriendly to most people, except to those that know him well. Forseth has the ability to read minds, as well as adapt to and kind of battle circumstance; he can observe someone's ability to use their element, and he can take it and duplicate it. In some aspect, it would make him a Starshine (a Magyk who is able to use all elements), but it is just because he is a powerful Phy.

Name: Haseo Atreyus
Pronunciation: Hah-say-o Ah-tray-us
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Pure blood Demon
Element: Phy (Dark Psychic)
Status: Twin Brother to Forseth; doesn't hold a high status like him, but is treated as such.
Eye Color/Hair Color/Skin Tone/Height: Paler Red/Auburn/Paler/7'
Special Features: Same seafoam-light blue coloring on his outfit as Forseth; his bead hangs on the right side of his hair.
Character Summary: Despite being the complete opposite to Forseth, he still maintains a strong connection with his twin and looks out for him. He's good friends with Sisco, and has a strange connection with him that allows him to understand him better than anyone else. Haseo has some strange illness that hasn't been cured yet, causing Forseth to be very defensive over him, and HIGHLY protective of him, so where ever Haseo goes, Forseth is usually around. He is very frail and doesn't like to fight, but is very wise and smart.

Name: Sisco
Pronunciation: Sis-co
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Humanor
Element: Unknown, but he can use Portals
Status: Forseth's Comrade and companion (aka, he shares the same title as him)
Eye Color/Hair Color/Skin Tone/Height: Black/ Black, with a bright green mohawk/Mulatto/7'1"
Special Features: He has a white-flesh tone rectangle thingy on his bottom lip.
Character Summary: Not much is known about Sisco's back story, other than he just randomly appeared one day. He strangely resembles someone of Forseth's past, but only Haseo recognizes it. Sisco can be very friendly, but he has a bad temper. He's a strong fighter, but he has a bad heart condition that prevents him from using his full potential. He seems to prefer Haseo over Forseth, and yet, has a very friendly form of respect for the older twin.

~*~*Dark Army (Important Cast)*~*~

Under Construction!!! Name: Crissaline Carlisle, or Crissa
Pronunciation: Cris-ah-lean Car-el-aye-all
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Race: Humanor
Element: Watine (Dark Water)
Status: Soldier
Eye Color/Hair Color/Skin Tone/Height: Orange/Periwinkle-light blue/Tannish/6'4"